About ICEsoft

ICEsoft Technologies Inc. is a leading global provider of critical enterprise software solutions for desktop and mobile enterprise.

ICEsoft products are used by over 20,000 enterprises worldwide, with a developer community now exceeding 150,000 developers.

ICEsoft’s products, ICEfaces, ICEmobile and ICEpdf, are used by over 20,000 enterprises and 150,000 developers worldwide.

ICEsoft is building on its suite of legacy subscription based products with Voyent, a new Software-as-a-Service offering for delivering context-enriched notifications and content.

Service & Technology Partners

ICEsoft Technologies is a growing enterprise software company supplying mid to large scale multi-national corporations. The company’s core-business has a subscriber base exceeding over 400 large corporations.

Management Team


ICEsoft is the proud supplier of the following solutions:



ICEfaces is an advanced rich Internet application framework for desktop and mobile enterprise. ICEfaces provides component libraries and push technologies that enable companies to quickly and easily mobilize their Java EE applications. ICEfaces supports the widest array of third party and legacy technologies making it one of the most successful and widely deployed Java RIA technologies on the market today.

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Voyent is a reactive, cloud-based framework for developing context-enriched communications. With Voyent, developers can readily tap into a wealth of data sources ranging from Big Data and Enhanced Location to web-based data streams and the Internet of Things. Voyent then processes the information through an advanced rules engine to develop custom communication content based on the end user’s particular circumstances.

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ICEpdf is an open source, Java-based PDF engine for viewing, printing, and manipulating PDF documents. The ICEpdf API is 100% Java-based, lightweight, fast, efficient, and very easy to use. ICEpdf can be used as a standalone PDF viewer, or can be easily embedded in any Java application.

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