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ICEsoft’s solutions allow customers to add exciting new features and capabilities to existing technology while dramatically reducing effort.
We’ll let them tell you more about it.

“ICEfaces delivers on rapid develop and deployment promises. It provides a new way to create rich enterprise applications with a dramatically shorter development cycle”

Bill Roth
Vice President, Oracle / BEA

“After having evaluated a number of other prominent technologies we settled on ICEfaces as the only viable solution to our problem… We were able to achieve in hours and days what previously took weeks and months of effort”

Maxime Turner
System Architect, C3 Solutions

“ICEfaces is the world’s coolest RIA framework. I have learned over the years that if I see an ICEsoft booth at a trade show or conference I am going to see something amazing and innovative”

Rick Ross
Principal, Java Lobby (Publication)

“ ICEsoft’s push technology is the Holy Grail for developers …”

Rob Cluett

Principal Editor, Ajaxian (Publication)

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