BridgeIt is the easiest way to develop hybrid HTML5 apps for mobile. A simple JavaScript API allows you to quickly develop cross-platform mobile apps with web-based access to hybrid native features like camera, address book, and more.



Cross-Platform Mobile Development

BridgeIt allows you to develop a single hybrid web/mobile app and have it run seamlessly and consistently in cross-platform mobile environments. BridgeIt runs on any web-based application technology including HTML5, .NET, Java EE and a host of others.


Quickly Add Hybrid Native Features!

Developing hybrid HTML5 apps has never been easier. Simply add bridgeit.js to your HTML5 page and you will be adding hybrid native features to your mobile web apps in 5 minutes or less! Need more help? Check out the API documentation, visit the Forums or check out our videos and tutorials.


Open Source Mobile Licenses

The bridgeit.js code is free and licensed under the Apache 2 Open Source license. The BridgeIt Utility Apps are also free and licensed under the BridgeIt Utility App License.


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Customization Services

ICEsoft offers customization services – no need for you to have native device application expertise. We can handle all your desired BridgeIt customizations, and we will even manage submissions to the various app stores.

Premium Grade

BridgeIt enables any web application to access a wide range of mobile device capabilities using a simple JavaScript API. Seamlessly interface with device cameras, micropohones, address books, QR codes, geo tracking, SMS, and more with a few Javascript calls.

Seamless Integration

You can now make the BridgeIt Utility your own so it is seamlessly integrated with the rest of your mobile web application. Give it the name you want, add your logo to the app icon, and even customize the user interface if you like.

Extended Support

Our various levels of customization services have you covered – pricing for various developers, consulting hours, response times, and more. We offer email, phone and remote desktop support, as well as UI services, emergency builds, white label services, and more.

BridgeIt Technology

BridgeIt offers top level integration with iOS, Android, and Windows devices. Take a look and see for yourself why BridgeIt is the most innovative and easy to use hybrid mobile app development tool.

Cloud Push
Coming Soon
Alpha (experimental)

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