The ace:dataTable

The new ace:dataTable is the most advanced and powerful ICEfaces component yet! Based on the popular jQuery data grid component, this rich JSF datatable has been evolved significantly making it the most comprehensive and advanced JSF richdata table on the market today.

It is freely available as part of the ACE Components, licensed under the Apache 2 open source license.






Key Features of the Rich JSF DataTable:

The ace:dataTable supports over 28 different features and functions including:

  • Lazy Loading
  • Search / Find
  • Scrolling
  • Jump To
  • Column Stacking
  • Pagination
  • Row Expansion
  • Table Configuration
  • Row Edit
  • Drag and Drop
  • Row Grouping
  • Nested Tables
  • Ajax Push
  • Single & Multi Column Sorting
  • Single & Multi Column Filtering
  • Column Re-ordering
  • Column Re-Sizing
  • Panel Expansion
  • Row State
  • Row Selection
  • Table Edit
  • Column Grouping
  • Row Listener
  • and more …



Demos and Reference Materials:

A comprehensive demo of the ace:dataTable is included in the ICEfaces Showcase, complete with over 15 sample implementations and corresponding TLD documentation. More complete documentation for the ace:dataTable is available here.

* The ACE components are further supported by an Advanced Development Environment (ACE) of utilities, tools, and APIs, which enable developers to implement a consistent approach to JSF component authoring, meta-data management, and automation and optimization of common JSF component development tasks.

More information on all the ICEfaces components is available on the ICEfaces wiki.

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