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Voyent is a reactive, cloud-based framework for developing context-enriched communications. With Voyent, developers can readily tap into a wealth of data sources ranging from Big Data and Enhanced Location to web-based data streams and the Internet of Things. Voyent then processes the information through an advanced rules engine to develop custom communication content based on the end user’s particular circumstances.

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Engage Clients with Smart Notifications

More refined, more informative, more valuable communications …

Successful customer engagement strategies rely on companies providing relevant and consistent communications to their end users when they need it.  By being able to access and concurrently process a wider variety of context sources, Voyent enables companies to generate more customized and informative communications than ever before.  To learn more about how Voyent’s smart notifications can enhance your customer engagement check out:

Voyent Customer Engagement Solutions


 Smart NotificationsAugmented Geofencing Solutions

Augment your existing applications with geofencing capabilities and more

Voyent makes it easy to add geofencing and geolocational capabilities to your applications. With Voyent, developers can  further supplement location related data with historical and situational context inputs such as local temperature or how many times in a prior period a user had intersected with a geotagged region. Learn more about how Healthcare, Insurance, and Government verticals can leverage Voyent’s augmented geofencing capabilities today.


Voyent Augmented Geofencing Solutions                                     Voyent Proximity-based Content Solutions 


Leverage the Internet of Things

Go beyond location-based apps

Go beyond traditional location based messaging and customize your notifications based on information sourced from the growing Internet of Things. Quickly create new context sources that allow you to tap into real-time data ranging from alarms and accelerometers to home automation networks and pressure monitors. Learn more about real-world use cases that leverage Voyent and the Internet of Things.

Voyent Remote Monitoring and Instrumentation Solutions


Reduce Development Costs

Leverage Voyent to extend your existing applications

ICEsoft solutions deliver proven reliability and enterprise grade security. With Voyent, developers focus on system configuration rather than coding, resulting in a 10X+ reduction in design and development times.  Voyent is accessible via a comprehensive set of Rest-based APIs, making it easy for developers to tap into Voyent features, and extend smart notification capabilities to existing applications, all on your existing infrastructure.



Web-centric and Mobile-ready

Enterprise systems that are web based offer the most ubiquitous access from the full spectrum of connected devices. Voyent is web based, eliminating the need for enterprises to build and publish multiple platform-specific mobile applications. Voyent supports a mobile client component that can be downloaded and installed via app stores, or rebranded to meet specific customer requirements.




Voyent employs a secured, multi-tenant architecture that can be hosted by ICEsoft as a cloud-based service or on premise behind the enterprise’s firewall and security infrastructure.  Voyent is highly scalable supporting clustering and fail over deployment models.  ICEsoft pioneered web-based push over a decade ago, and Voyent leverages the same industry-hardened push infrastructure that powers a wide range of Global 2000 enterprises today.



Complex Event Processing

Perform complex event processing on raw input data to detect patterns, and generate composed events/notifications when those patters are detected.  Voyent is a reactive framework that facilitates the construction of pattern detectors that can do things like monitor frequency of events against a set of thresholds, identify a specific sequence of a events and detect timeouts between event occurrences.  Any arbitrarily complex pattern of events can be defined and monitored with Voyent.

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