Voyent Architecture White Paper

With Voyent you can increase the value of your enterprise systems with high-value, context-enriched notifications, and engage your users like never before. The Voyent Architecture White Paper covers the following areas (and more).


Architecture and Wheel Combined Mar 21 2016


Web-centric and Mobile-ready

Enterprise systems that are web based offer the most ubiquitous access from the full spectrum of connected devices. Since Voyent is web based we also eliminate the need for enterprises to build and publish multiple platform-specific mobile applications.


Industry-hardened Push

ICEsoft pioneered web-based push over a decade ago, and Voyent leverages the same industry-hardened push infrastructure that powers a wide range of Global 2000 enterprises today.


Boundless Context

Voyent provides comprehensive location support, but does not stop there.  Any source of context can be injected into the system and leveraged in the production of context-enriched notifications.

Rich Components, Powerful Framework - ICEfaces

Reactive Triggering

Triggering capabilities range from basic event filtering to reactive processing of event streams for detection of arbitrarily complex event patterns, enabling you to implement the most detailed and demanding notification policies.


Contextual Enrichment

Contextualization is applied throughout the notification workflow, from initial trigger to final payload delivery. “Who gets what when?” with the greatest level of sophistication possible, and maximizing the contextual relevance of every notification.


Configuration Over Coding

The Voyent micro-service architecture provides all the backend services needed to implement any enterprise-specific notification policy. While the Voyent tool-chain provides task-specific tools for configuring the notification scenarios.

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