Voyent Crisis Management



Voyent is a next generation “Smart Notification Platform” that is changing the way municipalities, enterprises, and educational institutions can communicate with their staff, citizenry, and students during a time of crisis.  In the case of a campus styled deployment Voyent uses a combination of advanced geo-fencing / location technology, data feeds, and inputs from the Internet of Things, Voyent monitors what is occurring on and around campus as well as in the student’s environment and generates customized communications based on each student’s / staff member’s particular circumstance.  The more relevant and informative the communication, the greater its value to the recipient and the more likely they will be to pay attention and follow its call to action.

In today’s mobile environment it is easy for students and staff members to become overwhelmed with the constant barrage of daily push notifications, SMS messages and texts.  In such an environment it is often difficult for students and staff members to discern between the critical and the “not-so-important” communications. During a crisis timely delivery of information is critical.  Dissemination of information via conventional SMS or email messaging is often too slow to affect the situation.

Voyent reduces the noise, and ensures that only relevant information gets sent to the right person at the right time.




In the case of a crisis or incident on campus, Voyent is capable of targeting individual students and staff members with customized notifications and instructions based on the nature of the incident, their personal proximity to it, their role or job function, and the environmental conditions at the time.  The specificity and relevance of the communications to the recipients personal circumstance increases the likelihood that the message will be paid attention to and its instructions followed.

Voyent is a cloud-based service that can be hosted on premise, or remotely through third party services.  Voyent can be used stand alone, or to augment existing communications infrastructure and systems already in place. Voyent works seamlessly across all mobile platforms and can be easily integrated with company’s existing enterprise applications.

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