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About Voyent

Successful customer engagement strategies require companies to provide to their end users relevant and consistent communications, when they need it. The more customized and refined the communication the greater its value to the recipient and the more effective it is as a customer engagement tool.

Voyent is a cloud-based service that generates customized web content and notifications based on end-user profiles and situational data such as location, weather and input from Internet connected devices. Voyent works seamlessly across all mobile and desktop platforms and can be readily integrated with existing web-based applications. While other solutions rely on single data events to trigger generic notifications and alerts, Voyent is different. Voyent has the capacity to concurrently monitor, integrate and process multiple data sources related to the end user and perform complex analysis and filtering to author informative communications that are unique to the end users circumstances and needs at the time. The result is higher quality communication that conveys more relevant and timely information to the end user.

Consumer Retail – A Real World Use Case

In this particular use case a small coffee shop franchise is exploring ways to improve its customer loyalty program through outbound notifications. Its competitors are larger premiere brands that developed custom solutions; capable of tracking registered loyalty program participants and offering discounts or “free coffee” coupons on a daily or weekly basis based on the recipient’s proximity to a store.

But what if the users don’t like coffee …?


Voyent’s ability to integrate and process multiple context sources on a concurrent basis allows for the construction of a more refined and relevant communication than is delivered by conventional solutions. Moving beyond location-only triggered communications, Voyent can overlay data related to local temperature and correlate that information with a users past purchase behavior.
This refines the communication to more accurately target the users drink preference based on the conditions at the time. In this case, iced drinks when it is hot, or possibly hot chocolate when it is cold.
Voyent solutions are available on a white label basis, with customization and integration resources available should the client require them. By providing more refined, context enriched communication to its end users the smaller franchise is increasing the value of the communication to its client, and enhancing client retention and satisfaction beyond that of its larger, more established competition.

Other Applicable Markets

Voyent’s enhanced filtering and context sourcing capabilities open the doors to more refined and timely client communications that have applicability across a wide variety of markets, including:

Government and Crisis Management: During a crisis, timeliness of communication and being able to deliver the right information and instruction to the right recipient is critical. Blanket communications often contain information that is irrelevant to a large portion of the user base and potentially desensitizing the end user to the point that they ignore critical content. Voyent helps to not only refine and customize the communication, but ensures it only goes to the audience for which it is relevant.
Education: Schools have come a long way in terms of communicating with parents. Perhaps too far. Parents can often be inundated with near daily notifications and emails that often contain information not relevant to them or their child. Voyent provides the mechanism for schools to better target and filter outbound notifications thereby cutting down on the “noise” and ensuring the communications that parents do receive is of higher quality and is directly relevant to either them or their children.

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