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About Voyent

Voyent is a cloud-based service that generates customized web content and notifications based on end-user profile and situational data such as location, proximity, weather and input from Internet connected devices. Voyent works seamlessly across all mobile and desktop platforms. One application of the technology is in the retrieval, generation and presentation of relevant content and media based on an individuals geographic location or proximity to a particular Internet connected device or beacon.

Doctor Hospital Rounds – A Real World Use Case

In this particular use case a hospital is exploring ways to improve efficiency of doctor’s hospital rounds, enabling more time to be spent on doctor patient interaction and less time on data entry.


In its current process, the doctor enters the hospital room, which hosts 2 or 3 patients per room. The doctor logs into a terminal located in the room, enters his credentials and proceeds to search and retrieve records for the patient in question. After performing the consult and entering notes in the terminal the doctor logs off and proceeds to the next room.


In the case of Voyent, the hospital room is provisioned with a low-powered blue tooth “beacon” capable of resolving proximity distances to a few centimeters. The doctors are provided with biometrically secured tablets enabled with the Voyent client. Upon entering the room, Voyent detects the proximity to the beacon, establishes the room number, and the rooms current patient list. It confirms the doctor’s credentials and automatically retrieves only those room patient records that he is entitled to see.

The forecast impact on savings and efficiencies by the hospital and attending physicians was considerable.

 Criteria Forecast Savings
Estimated Time Savings per patient visit 3 min / doctor / room
# of Visits / Round Calls per day 10
Time Savings / Day 30 min
Time Savings / Year / Doctor (Assume 260 days / year) 130 hrs.
Cost Savings / Year / Doctor (Assume $250 / Hr.) $32,500 / Doctor / Year
Potential Cost Savings / Year / Hospital – HMO (assumes 200 Dr. per Hospital/HMO) $6,500,000 / Year


Other Applicable Markets

Voyent’s proximity-based content and documentation retrieval capabilities have applicability across a wide variety of other markets as well, including:

Consumer: Voyent is capable of serving up both static and active media content to cell phones and tablets based on an end users proximity to particular museum exhibits and displays. Content and media can be further tailored to meet particular user profiles. For example different content might be presented to younger users while repeat visitors might be provided with additional more detailed information.
Education and Training: In situ, or field-based training is often an important curriculum element in programs associated with manufacturing, oil and gas, and utilities. With Voyent it is possible to detect a particular student’s proximity to a particular location, panel, or piece of plant equipment, correlate that with past training records and present the training module specific to that particular student on that particular piece of equipment. With appropriately instrumented equipment, Voyent has the capacity to monitor the students actions and provide feedback as they progress through the module.

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