Voyent Remote Monitoring and Instrumentation Solutions

About Voyent

Voyent is a cloud-based service that generates customized web content and notifications based on end-user profiles, situational data such as location, weather and input from Internet connected devices. Voyent’s advanced filters process raw input data and performs complex event analysis to detect patterns and generate composed events / notifications when those patterns are detected. Voyent works seamlessly across all mobile and desktop platforms and can be readily integrated with existing web-based applications.

Insurance and Logistics: A Freight Forwarding Use Case

In this particular use case a pair of freight and insurance companies are exploring ways to reduce operating costs, improve response times and accuracy of liability assignment associated with goods damaged during transshipment.


Currently the companies provide global shipment services for very large industrial scale equipment that is often susceptible to drop damage or rapid temperature changes. Equipment damaged during transshipment is often undetected until its arrival and inspection at destination creating issues with insurance liability assessment, extra shipment costs of damaged equipment and impact to project schedules.


Voyent has the ability to perform real time monitoring of instrumentation / sensor packages transshipped along with the equipment. The sensors are capable of monitoring a range of operating parameters including impact, temperature, light exposure etc. When preset damage risk conditions are detected, Voyent sends out unique notifications to the various stakeholders. The driver is advised and re-routed to the nearest inspection station, adjusters and inspectors are advised and assigned for equipment inspection, and project coordinators are advised of potential delays in their delivery chain.
While dependent on the nature of the cargo and shipment details, the companies forecast an average cost savings in time and shipment costs of approximately $250,000 per incident. By providing more refined, contextual information to end users and their respective stakeholders, the companies can save themselves and their clients significant time, money and frustration.

Other Applicable Markets

Voyent’s ability to integrate with Internet connected devices and perform complex event processing on their respective data streams has applicability across a wide range of market verticals. The most notable include:

Health and Safety: While Voyent is more than capable of authoring and transmitting notifications based on alarms detection (i.e. Gas, Fire etc.) it can also analyze and respond to more sophisticated changes in data profiles. For example certain produce might be ok with short-term exposure to cold or hot temperatures, but might turn bad if exposed for more extended periods. Voyent is capable of analyzing the frequency and depth of the temperature exposures that the produce was exposed to and triggering notifications based on a more comprehensive rule set.
Equipment Monitoring and Repair: In general it is more cost effective to address problems before they occur with scheduled maintenance than after an incident when repairs are more costly and extended equipment downtimes are incurred. Voyent can assist with the monitoring and analysis of critical equipment operating parameters such as temperature, RPMs, pressure etc. and using advanced rules can notify maintenance staff before potential issues arise.

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