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Smart communications for small municipalities

Voyent Alert! is an affordable smart communication platform specifically designed to meet the needs of small to medium sized municipalities, regional governments and school districts. The flexible platform serves the dual purpose of alerting and advising residents during a critical incident as well as providing targeted day-to-day communication services.

With Voyent Alert! the choice of communications channels is flexible.. Administrators can communicate with users via mobile apps, SMS, email and direct dial using text to speech conversion for land-line users.

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Advanced Geofencing is our Business

The right information delivered to the right audience

Voyent Alert! uses advanced Geofencing capabilities to identify fixed locations as well as track moving incidents and users. The comprehensive dashboard includes embedded and programmable event parameters which allow administrators to broadcast timely and relevant notifications such as a wildfire’s speed and direction of approach, or the location and toxicity perimeter of a gas leak. Support for nested regions ensures that users will be notified if they are at a static location,  or on an escalating basis if the user is travelling toward the affected region.

Advanced Geofencing provides the communications director with greater control over the targeting of a specific audience.  Day to day communications such as advising of a water main shut-off or change in garbage day pickup can be quickly communicated only to those community members impacted by the service change.


Personalized Content Sets Voyent Alert! Apart from the Competition

When Context is Critical

Voyent Alert! provides users with more relevant information, allowing them to make better, more informed decisions. As a recipient of an alert, it is good to be notified of a hazardous gas leak in the region.  It would be even better to know that the leak was 500m to your South and that the recommended direction of evacuation was to the Northwest due to the eastward wind direction.

Voyent Alert! customizes its notifications based on each users personal circumstance.  Composed communications include critical personalized information such as the direction and distance a user might be from a key event, the recommended direction of egress, estimated time to intercept, or even turn-by-turn directions to a rally point or shelter.  This kind of additional context can be critical during a time of crisis.

Voyent Alert! broadcasts notifications only to relevant users. The concise recipient selection process helps to ensure that a critical notification is not disregarded as unimportant or as spam.





Easy Interface

User Friendly

Administrators construct and send alerts with ease

Voyent Alert! employs an easy to use graphical software interface for administrators.  No programming required! Our simple point and click usage models ensure that alerts can be constructed and sent with a minimum of training, time and effort.

End users can easily customize their Voyent Alert! experience by electing to receive notifications for a variety of static locations such as home, a relative’s house, work, school, or local vacation property.  These personalized “peace-of-mind” features increase the user adoption rate, confident that Voyent Alert! will keep them in the know, 24/7.


Low Cost of Service

What makes us different…

Other available commercial solutions are generally engineered to service large urban centres with populations exceeding hundreds of thousands. The result is a solution that is often too expensive and too complex for small community deployment. Voyent Alert! is different. It is the first product engineered specifically to meet the unique needs of small governments and associated communities. The dual purpose nature of Voyent Alert! adds real value. Administrators can send critical event notifications as well as everyday communications with one application, eliminating the need to subscribe to multiple services. Voyent Alert! allows communities to better service their constituents both day-to-day and during times of crisis… for a fraction of the cost.

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Canada Sourced

Privacy is paramount

Voyent Alert!  is developed and supported by ICEsoft Technologies in Calgary, Alberta and is hosted exclusively on cloud servers located in Canada. Strict privacy laws and security as an essential right are just two of the things that make hosting software in Canada great.  Our software is developed in compliance with PIPEDA. (The Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act).With Voyent Alert! user privacy is of paramount importance. 

Voyent Alert! supports fully anonymous user registration models.  System users can be confident that their location and personal information can not be tracked or monitored by any governments or authorities and that ICEsoft will never share or sell information to anyone.

Read more about PIPEDA here



Cloud-based and Mobile-ready

Voyent Alert! is web based offering the most ubiquitous access from the full spectrum of connected devices. Voyent Alert! supports a mobile client component that can be downloaded and installed via app stores. Notifications can be sent on a wide variety of platforms; mobile device, email, desktop browser, sms, and land line.




Voyent Alert! employs a secured, multi-tenant architecture that can is hosted by ICEsoft as a cloud-based service.  Voyent Alert! is highly scalable supporting clustering and fail over deployment models.  ICEsoft pioneered web-based push over a decade ago, and Voyent Alert! leverages the same industry-hardened push infrastructure that powers a wide range of Global 2000 enterprises today.



Real Time Event Monitoring

Voyent Alert! continually collects and analyzes data with real time event monitoring. The surveillance of a moving event and detection of users entering the scope of the event, all function seamlessly behind the easy to use administrative dashboard.

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