Voyent Alert! Pricing

The Voyent Alert! pricing model* may use a combination of annual subscription pricing as well as per user and per usage fees for some services. This provides you with maximum flexibility in managing your costs and communication needs.

Not sure which plan is right for your community? See the Voyent Alert! Product Comparison page.

Subscriptions start as low as $1500.00 per year

Additional per usage fees for third party services sourced through ICEsoft are based on subscription level.
These fees and are calculated quarterly and billed in arrears.

Standard Subscription Inclusions:

  • Unlimited mobile app communications.
  • Includes product upgrades and feature enhancements over the term.
  • Tiered Support and SLA commitments.
  • 60 day free trial, unconditional cancellation policy.
  • Additional users calculated and billed quarterly in arrears and pro-rated downwards to subscription anniversary.
  • Automatic upgrade to lower per user cost tier when most cost effective for client.

Premium Subscription Inclusions:

  • All Standard inclusions plus all premium features such as Hazmat Support, User Acknowledge & Location Reporting, Alert Scheduler etc.

See the Voyent Alert! Product Comparison page.

*Pricing subject to change

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